Sometimes the most interesting things in life are not easily categorized. Here is an online sample of some items in the Talbot’s collection that are worthy of note, but don’t fit elsewhere.

Employee Pledge Poster


This poster was done in June 1987 as part of National Hospital Week and Willis-Knighton's "Put Your Heart In It" campaign to keep and improve quality care for patients.  The Willis-Knighton Health System Employee Pledge says

"I pledge to give our patients the same quality of care I would want to receive.  I will be courteous and considerate and I will speak softly.

When I meet a stranger, I will introduce myself and offer to help.  When I meet a friend, I will smile and call him by name.  I will try to anticipate the needs of others.  I will keep my patients informed to reduce their anxieties”

To respect the privacy of others, I will knock before entering a room, and I will think before speaking.  I will assist my co-workers freely and willingly.  I will listen to criticism without becoming defensive. 

When I am on the phone, I am Willis-Knighton, so I will be pleasant, helpful and understanding.  I am part of a long, proud medical tradition.  I will make my appearance reflect my pride.”

Two copies were made of the pledge and inscribed on posters that were then signed by several hundred WK workers.

The Medical Update, a health system newsletter showed photos of Radiology Director Dianne Andrews pinning a "Put Your Heart In It" campaign button on pathologist, Dr. Bruce Williams, MD.

LPN Helen McSwain is shown signing the pledge.

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June 1987

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