Sometimes the most interesting things in life are not easily categorized. Here is an online sample of some items in the Talbot’s collection that are worthy of note, but don’t fit elsewhere.

The USS Arizona Flag


Willis-Knighton men and women have always served and honored those who serve in United State Military.  From its earliest days its doctors, nurses, and administrators have been in every conflict on land, sea and air. Symbolic of Willis-Knighton's commitment to America's service personnel living and dead is the USS Arizona Flag.  

This Flag flew over the battleship USS Arizona that now lies sunken at her wartime berth in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.  On December 7th, 1941 during the surprise attack on the American naval base, a bomb struck into the battleships forward magazine causing a massive explosion.  In less than nine minutes the vessel sank trapping hundreds of sailors and marines.  More than 11-hundred remain entombed today. 

The USS Arizona Memorial now sits atop the ship's remains; its walls inscribed the names of the fallen.The Memorial is one of a few places where the United States Flag flies 24 hours a day.  Sometimes flags that have flown are given to the institutions like Willis-Knighton.  On July 4th, 1981, Independence Day, the USS Arizona Flag was raised at the WK Medical Center as tribute to the sacrifice all American service men and women have made for this country.

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