Sometimes the most interesting things in life are not easily categorized. Here is an online sample of some items in the Talbot’s collection that are worthy of note, but don’t fit elsewhere.

Willis the Knighton Frog


If you are an adult of a certain in Shreveport and beyond and especially if you had to go to the hospital, you might just remember Willis the Knight’n Frog.  Willis was part of an innovative program designed to take the fear out of having to go to the hospital for children as patients.

This friendly cartoon character developed by Medicom, a medical media consultant hired by the hospital.  The Pediatric Wing of WK Memorial Hospital became Willis’ “Lily Pad”.   

When a child arrived for surgery or another medical treatment instead of those pale and sterile green walls, he or she was greeted by large murals and a welcoming “Willis the Knight’n Frog”.   There were puzzles, dot-to-dot games, bravery certificates, stickers, even pins for doctors and nurses.

Each child received a coloring book telling the story of Willis and the knight’s battle with the terrible Grizzley Germ and how he met Dr. Merlyn and Nurse Penny Cilion.

At the same time, Willis-Knighton embarked on another innovative program called “POP”.  “POP” stood for Pediatric Orientation Program.

During June and July, parents could bring their children aged six to nine for an hour and a half of fun and information.  Doctors and nurses explained what they did for children the youngsters got chance to play doctor, nurse and patient. 

All of this helped to allay the fears of children who naturally are apprehensive about coming to a place they rarely understand. The program was so successful the hospital received an award from the Governor’s conference on Children and Youth



Circa 1975

100 Years