Arnold Schwarzenegger visits Shreveport WK sponsors event


Film Star and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger visited Shreveport in 1992. Schwarzenegger came as as a representative of the President's Council on Physical Fitness.  Some 38-thousand children, teens and adults saw the buffed movie hero extol the virtues of exercise and proper diet. 

 He was joined on the platform by Willis-Knighton President and CEO James K. Elrod, then Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards and Shreveport Mayor Hazel Beard.  

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  • Schwartznenegger leader cheers
  • Schwartznenegger Shreveport 1992
  • Schwartznenegger crowd says hasta la vista Baby
  • Schwarzenegger invited  to Shreveport 1991 by WK employees
  • Schwarzenegger  autographed picture
  • Schwarzenegger  accepts invitation for 1992 appearance
  • Schwarznegger visit booklet passed out to children