Center for Women's Health


Willis-Knighton’s first satellite hospital, then known as South Park Hospital, was less than five years old when it’s next major expansion was announced.  It would be called the Center for Women’s Health.  The facility would focus on women’s health issues such as obstetrics, prenatal and postnatal care, stress management, and emotional and cardiac care.  Willis-Knight Health System President James K. Elrod was quoted as saying, “We’re talking about the ultimate women’s touch”.

In 1989, The Center opened its doors looking as one WK spokesman said it is more like an upscale hotel than a hospital. The Center was designed to bring not only the best care, but the most comfortable especially for mothers and their newborns.  Immediately, a number of physicians and surgeons opened offices nearby at the WK South Physicians Center.

Over the years, Willis-Knighton’s southern campus has expanded bringing the best healthcare to where patients live and work.

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