Daisy Murdoch


Daisy Murdoch was one of what become known as the Angels of Shreveport during the yellow fever epidemic of 1873.  She along with half a dozen other young women volunteered to nurse the sick and dying in the makeshift fever wards.  Early in the epidemic, Murdoch contracted a slight case of the fever.  Instead of fleeing like so many, she remained. The epidemic ended after two and a half months with the arrival of cold weather in mid-November.  She and the other "Angels" were given gold medals by the Howard Association of Shreveport.  The Howards as they were known was an regional organization in the South  that specialized in providing aid and comfort to communities hit by yellow fever.  Daisy would go on to help in another epidemic in 1878 in Memphis, Tennessee.  She was later honored with another medal from the Howards of that city.  

Location in Museum

Yellow Jack! case


circa 1870


Murdoch's great-great nephew Haynes owns the original of the photo, but kindly provided the museum with a scan for our exhibiion
  • Daisy Murdoch circa 1880