Dr. J. Dudley Talbot Biography and Photos


Dr. J. Dudley Talbot's career in medicine spanned more than six decades when he graduated from Tulane University's medical school in 1938.  Born in Texarkana, Arkansas, Dr. Talbot chose to specialize in obstetrics and gynecology as he began his practice in Shreveport in 1943.

Over the years at Tri-State Hospital (later Willis-Knighton Medical Center) he delivered thousands of babies until his retirement in 1998.  Dr. Talbot was also concerned about the importance of preserving the legacy of service and healing that Willis-Knighton represented. 

With help of friends and colleagues, he assembled a collection of history documents, pictures and instruments detailing medicine in the 20th Century.  This museum where they are now housed with other exhibitions is named in his honor. 

 Dr. Talbot also helped fund an endowed Professorship of Nursing at Northwestern State University in 2012.  Dr. Talbot died in 2015.

Location in Museum

Talbot Museum Digital Archive
  • Dr. J. Dudley Talbot 1940s
  • Dr. Talbot at opening of Talbot Museum WK Innovation Center
  • Medical Society Honors Dr. Talbot (Medical Update_April 1988)
  • Talbot as resident at Charity Hospital New Orleans