Dr. James E. Knighton


James Edward Knighton was born in Homer, Louisiana in 1907 while his father Joseph Edward Knighton was practicing medicine before moving to Shreveport a few years later.  James followed his father into the medical profession graduating from Tulane University Medical School in 1929.

As Dr. Knighton, he joined his father on the staff of Tri-State Hospital as well as consulting for other hospitals in the area in his specialty: internal medicine.  He joined the U.S. Army reserves in 1933 and when World War II broke out, he went on active duty serving as chief of medical service at various military hospitals. 

Like his father, the younger Knighton was a civic as well as leader within the medical community of Shreveport-Bossier.  And he continued to practice until his death in 1959. 

This photo dates from the 1940s.

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Mid-20th Century
  • Dr. James E. Knighton
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