Employee Pledge Poster


This poster was done in June 1987 as part of National Hospital Week and Willis-Knighton's "Put Your Heart In It" campaign to keep and improve quality care for patients.  The Willis-Knighton Health System Employee Pledge says

"I pledge to give our patients the same quality of care I would want to receive.  I will be courteous and considerate and I will speak softly.

When I meet a stranger, I will introduce myself and offer to help.  When I meet a friend, I will smile and call him by name.  I will try to anticipate the needs of others.  I will keep my patients informed to reduce their anxieties”

To respect the privacy of others, I will knock before entering a room, and I will think before speaking.  I will assist my co-workers freely and willingly.  I will listen to criticism without becoming defensive. 

When I am on the phone, I am Willis-Knighton, so I will be pleasant, helpful and understanding.  I am part of a long, proud medical tradition.  I will make my appearance reflect my pride.”

Two copies were made of the pledge and inscribed on posters that were then signed by several hundred WK workers.

The Medical Update, a health system newsletter showed photos of Radiology Director Dianne Andrews pinning a "Put Your Heart In It" campaign button on pathologist, Dr. Bruce Williams, MD.

LPN Helen McSwain is shown signing the pledge.

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Blessed Beyond Measure exhibit


June 1987
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