Tri-State Hospital Elevator equipment


Little remains of the Tri-State Hospital that would have been familiar to Drs. James C. Willis and Joseph E. Knighton, the prime movers behind the creation of the medical facility that would become the Willis-Knighton Health System.  Some of the items include the hospital's elevator control system.

Before the days of push button elevators, the elevator was operated by a human controller.  You told him or her what floor you wanted and the operator the control's handle to guide the elevator safely up or down.  The elevators were made by the Otis Company.  Otis has been a name synonymous with elevators since their invention in the mid-19th century.

Location in Museum

Willis and Knighton exhibit


Circa 1927-1955
  • Elevator Call Button
  • Elevator Control Device closeup
  • Elevator Control Device wide shot
  • Elevator Control Device