Willis-Knighton Eye Institute


Good vision allows us to enjoy life to its fullest. Physicians who diagnose and treat vision problems are located on each of our general hospital campuses.

Ophthalmologists are physicians who specialize in medical and surgical care of the eye.  Their training includes eight years of medical/surgical training to earn an MD or DO degree. Some also pursue an additional one or two years of fellowship training to focus on a specific eye condition. They diagnose and treat eye disease and conditions and are trained to perform eye surgery.    

Optometrists are physicians who provide primary care for vision problems. Their training includes four years optometry training to earn an OD degree. They perform vision exams, prescribe corrective lenses, and prescribe medications for eye conditions. 

The Willis-Knighton Eye Institute began as the Steen-Hall Eye Institute.  The facility was the brainchild of Doctors William Steen and Donald Hall.  The pair opened their institute in 1988.  They were pioneering ophtalmological surgeons on the cutting edge of contemporary technology.  The accounted for many firsts in the Shreveport-Bossier area in the field of eye surgery.  Theirs is a tradition their successors continue at the WK Eye Institute.


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1980s to Present
  • Willis-Knighton Eye Institute
  • Steen Hall WK Eye Institute Rendering
  • Dr. William Steen and Dr. Donald Hall
  • Steen-Hall Eye Institute 19880001
  • Steen-Hall Eye Institute Lobby 1988
  • Steen-Hall Eye Institute waiting room0001
  • Steen-Hall Eye Institute groundbbreaking 19870001
  • Steen Hall Eye Institute groundbbreaking 1987 Dr. William Steen at backhoe