Find out how the evolution of the science of birthing aided the entire field of medicine and the development of the hospital as we know it. In what year did hospital births finally exceed at home births in the United States? What was the technology aiding the American “baby boom”? Exhibit highlights include Dr. J. Dudley Talbot’s original medical bag, vintage obstetrical instruments and related equipment.

Baby Incubator


This Armstrong X4 baby incubator was in service at Tri-State Hospital in 1948 and used throughout the 1950s, perhaps beyond. The incubator allowed access to the often premature infant for medical care.  At the same time, the closed environment protected the child from infections.  

Incubators like this one represented a major step forward in the care of the newborn.  With it the "premmie" stood a much greater chance of survival. Today's incubators now use cutting edge technology to monitor the child's vital signs and diagnose life threatening conditions.

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