Find out how the evolution of the science of birthing aided the entire field of medicine and the development of the hospital as we know it. In what year did hospital births finally exceed at home births in the United States? What was the technology aiding the American “baby boom”? Exhibit highlights include Dr. J. Dudley Talbot’s original medical bag, vintage obstetrical instruments and related equipment.

Obstetrics Examination Table


This obstetric and gynecological examination table dates from the early 1920s and may have been used by the doctors who saw patients at the Tri-State Hospital or the Willis-Knighton Clinic.  It's also possible Dr. J. Dudley Talbot, for whom the museum is named, used this or one similar during his long career at Willis-Knighton.  Lying across the table is the long white coat that was the "uniform” for doctors who much of the 20th Century.  It is monogrammed with Dr. Talbot’s name.

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The Birth of Obstetrics Exhibit


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