The years following the change from Tri-State Sanitarium to Tri-State Hospital in 1929 were filled with challenges and opportunities for Drs. Willis and Knighton along with other Tri-State physicians and surgeons. First came the Great Depression of the 1930 and then the War Years of the 1940s. Many younger doctors served in the military while the older ones were fighting the battle on the home front. Their biographies are the history of their Time and Willis-Knighton Health Systems very earliest years.

Dr. Samuel Gill


Dr. Samuel Gill was born in Fayetteville, Arkansas in 1914 and graduated from the University of Tennessee Medical School in 1937.  Gill began his medical career in Louisiana as Director of the St. Charles Parish Health Unit near New Orleans.   In 1943, he moved his practice to Shreveport and joined the Willis-Knighton Clinic and the staff of Tri-State Hospital, later Willis-Knighton Medical Center. 

He specialized in internal medicine staying at Willis-Knighton virtually his entire professional life.  As many WK doctors, his view expanded beyond the hospital walls.  He was instrumental in the establishment of the LSU Medical School in Shreveport along with other WK doctors. Dr. Gill was active in the civic and cultural life of Shreveport-Bossier as a deacon in his church and belonging to several service organizations.   

In 1978, Gill was awarded the Distinguished Service Award by the Shreveport Medical Society.  He was quoted in the Shreveport Journal that year saying, “ You have got a duty to your community as a citizen, to your church and to your family as well as your profession.  You have to be part of all of these.”

Dr. Gill passed away in 2000.

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