The years following the change from Tri-State Sanitarium to Tri-State Hospital in 1929 were filled with challenges and opportunities for Drs. Willis and Knighton along with other Tri-State physicians and surgeons. First came the Great Depression of the 1930 and then the War Years of the 1940s. Many younger doctors served in the military while the older ones were fighting the battle on the home front. Their biographies are the history of their Time and Willis-Knighton Health Systems very earliest years.

Louise G. Fry Tri-State Hospital and Willis-Knighon Memorial Hospital Administrator


Louise Gehlen Fry,  like many nurses, transitioned from caring for patients to caring for an entire hospital.  Fry was trained as registered nurse and later as a nurse. anesthetist., In the late 1920’s she began at what was then Tri-State Hospital.  She would continue to act as administrator and train other nurses for almost forty years. Born in Iowa, she moved to Shreveport around 1915.  Treating Tri-State and later Willis-Knighton Memorial Hospital as a patient, she cared for it through the lean times of the Great Depression and dark days of World War II.  She remained at her post until her death in 1965.  A devout Roman Catholic, her memorial mass was held at St. Theresa’s Church within sight of the hospital she had served for so many years.


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