Discover the men behind one the region’s most familiar household names. Who were Drs. Willis and Knighton, and what did they do for the field of medicine in their community? Exhibit highlights include original oil portraits of the medical giants, artifacts and material culture associated with their tenure and professional lives.

Letters to Viola


Viola’s relationship appeared to be especially close to one young doctor, S. Murray Smith.  Dr. Smith and Viola exchanged several letters after she left Tri-State Hospital.  We don’t have Viola’s but two of Smith’s have survived.  His letters are filled with encouragement for the ailing adolescent nicknamed "Flapper”

  Nov. 4th,   1930

“…I have been missing you since you have been gone as the flappers here now will not fuss with me like you would. If you make a trip to Shreveport in the future, be sure to drop in and visit me for a little as I am greatly interested in how you get along---if good wishes will help you to get well, this letter ought to cure you as I am sincerely hoping for your rapid recovery…”

Location in Museum

Willis & Knighton Exhibit




The quilt, photographs, cards and letters were donated by Viola's family. Brenda Bishop Grimm, Vicky B. Lee, and Terry Simmons hope her memory will not be forgotten.

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