The years following the change from Tri-State Sanitarium to Tri-State Hospital in 1929 were filled with challenges and opportunities for Drs. Willis and Knighton along with other Tri-State physicians and surgeons. First came the Great Depression of the 1930 and then the War Years of the 1940s. Many younger doctors served in the military while the older ones were fighting the battle on the home front. Their biographies are the history of their Time and Willis-Knighton Health Systems very earliest years.

Centennial History Shreveport Medical Society 1949


This small book was published in 1949, the 100th anniversary of the Shreveport Medical Society's organization.  It contains a brief history of the Society with several sections on late 19th and early 20th Century medicine.  Most importantly, the history details the medical histories of dozens of doctors who practiced before and many after 1949.  it gives details of their families, medical education and experience and occasionally a personal remembrance.  With have included a complete copy of the Centennial History as a pdf in this webpage. 

Location in Museum

The book itself is in the Talbot storage area, however, due to it's fragile nature it is not on display



100 Years